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NTSAD Staff Profiles

Diana Jussila (formerly Pangonis)

Director of Family Services

Diana Jussila is NTSAD’s Director of Family Services where she directs the Family Services Programs and supports families receiving a diagnosis, caring for themselves and their loved ones, and navigating clinical trials and grief.

In 2020, Diana expanded her role to include patient advocacy, and she works closely with industry partners as they develop treatments and therapies. Throughout her tenure at NTSAD which began in 1995, Diana has worked in Family Services, Development, and Communications, and she served as Interim Executive Director, but her true calling is supporting families.

To reach Diana, email her at

NTSAD Staff Profiles

Kathleen M. Flynn

Chief Executive

Diana Jussila

(formerly Pangonis)
Director of Family Services

Valerie Greger, PhD

Director of Research

Susan Keliher

Director of Development
and Communications

Becky Benson

Family Services

Sydnie Dimond

Development and Communications Manager

Cynthia Perreault-Micale, PhD.

Research Associate