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2017 Seventh Annual Day of Hope: Ideas

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What's New?

In May 2017, NTSAD awarded $200,000 in grants to:

Alessandra Biffi, MD, Director of Gene Therapy at Dana-Farber, for her work to test a novel gene therapy approach for Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff. Her work has significant potential to achieve transformative outcomes due to her expertise and well-developed research plan.

Heather Gray-Edwards, PhD, Scott-Ritchie Research Center at Auburn University, to allow her to evaluate the efficacy of the state-of-the-art gene therapy in the Tay-Sachs sheep. (Read more about Jacob's Sheep here.) Her work and the resulting data will contribute to future clinical trials in patients.

Stephane Demotz, PhD, Dorphan, and Tim Wood, PhD, Greenwood Genetic Center, to analyze a sugar molecule as a biomarker for GM1, and allow them to explore the optimal treatment conditions of an investigational pharmacological chaperone drug candidate for GM1.

Read more about the grants in May's Research Review here.