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NTSAD Virtual Family Conference | 2021 Canavan Research Breakout

David Pleasure, MD
Canavan Antisense Therapy

Dominic Gessler, MD
UMass Medical Center
Canavan Research Update

The video recording containing Dr. Gessler's slides cannot be publicly shared at this time. Listen to the audio recording of his presentation here.

Kathleen Kirby, Mike Kiefer, DPT, and Jenny Laforet, MD, PhD
Aspa Therapeutics
CANinform: Canavan natural history study
CANinspire: Aspa Therapeutic gene therapy trial

Paola Leone, PhD
CureRareDisease, LLC
Canavan Gene Therapy, Dayton Children's Hospital

Virtual Conference

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2021 Conference Sponsors

Laura and Simeon Schindelman
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The Evan Lee Ungerleider Fund
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