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Tay-Sachs, Canavan, GM1 and Sandhoff diseases

Gottlieb Sibling Scholarships

The Jeffrey Alan Gottlieb and Stanley N. Gottlieb Memorial Scholarship Funds will make monies available to college-attending healthy siblings of those who are or were affected by Tay-Sachs, Sandhoff, Canavan or an allied disease.

After experiencing both love and loss, Judy Gottlieb has chosen to move forward in her life by showing love. From caring and concern for her own family, she has decided to express concern for other children by generously contributing to their futures.  In May 2005, this mother and grandmother from Somerset, NJ, established two separate memorial college funds at NTSAD to honor her youngest son, Jeffrey Alan Gottlieb, who succumbed to Tay-Sachs in 1975, and her husband, Stanley N. Gottlieb, who passed away in 2001.

It is Judy’s intent that the monies be distributed “for use in their college education, i.e., tuition, books, room and board.”

Apply for the 2021 Gottlieb Memorial Scholarship document here (690 KB) . Deadline to submit your full application is August 31, 2021. 

Scholarship Recipient

Cassie Bebout
2019 Graduate, Auburn University
2016 and 2017 Award Recipient

The Gottlieb sibling scholarship has been such a blessing in so many ways. Not only does writing the essay allow me to reflect on how having lost a brother to GM1 has shaped my life, but it has also significantly eased the financial burden that college puts on a family. I truly find writing the essay enjoyable, as it reminds me that out of tragedy and heart break comes healing and hope. I am so grateful to NTSAD and the Gottlieb family for giving siblings an opportunity to talk about their affected brothers and sisters, as well as pursue a less costly college education.