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New York Area Fund

New York Area – A Driving Force

Since 1957, families and dedicated volunteers in the New York Area have been a driving force in the growth and success of NTSAD in accomplishing its mission. Educational and fundraising activities in New York, New Jersey and the surrounding areas have been instrumental in supporting research, family services and carrier screening community programs for prevention.

The strong bond between the New York Area Chapter and the National organization, when it moved its operations to Boston in the 1980s, has been an asset to both.  Over the years, the New York Area Chapter has helped to support and create unique programs for education and prevention, as well as supporting new research initiatives. Whenever the national organization was in need of grants or additional money for special projects, the New York Chapter has always been willing to fund them.

Strong Program and Partnership Support

Many programs and partnerships have benefited from the financial and volunteer support of the NTSAD New York Area Chapter and its family funds: Evan Lee Ungerleider Fund, Harry Hoffman Fund, Marion Yanovsky Research & Education Fund, and Handwerker-Heringer Fund for Research.

Programs funded and supported by the NTSAD New York Area Chapter include:

  • NTSAD Annual Family Conference
  • NTSAD Research Initiative
  • Tay-Sachs Gene Therapy Consortium
  • Jacob Sheep Tay-Sachs Research Project
  • Free carrier testing days for thousands of people
  • Dor Yeshorim  Carrier Screening Program for the Orthodox Jewish community
  • Laboratory Quality Control for Tay-Sachs Testing
  • Irish Tay-Sachs Study
  • Founding member of the Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium
  • Founding member of the Genetic Disease Foundation

Administration Transitioned to NTSAD

In June 2015, the New York Area Chapter of NTSAD transitioned its administrative responsibilities to the NTSAD National organization. All educational and fundraising activities will continue. The volunteers and supporters in the New York Area will continue to work with the national organization to accomplish its mission through support for Research, Education, Prevention and Family Services.

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