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Tay-Sachs, Canavan, GM1 and Sandhoff diseases

Raise Awareness

There is always an opportunity to raise awareness about these diseases and NTSAD has the tools to help you.

Share NTSAD's "Be Rare Aware" Disease Infographics

Educate friends and family by sharing NTSAD's "Be Rare Aware" infographics either on social media or by handing out printed copies. 

    pdf Tay Sachs Infographic (3.67 MB)       pdf Canavan Infographic (3.72 MB)       pdf GM1 Infographic (3.72 MB)          pdf Sandhoff Infographic (3.72 MB)

Talk to a local group

Many synagogues, schools and even local hospitals would work with you to organize an educational forum. NTSAD can connect you to resources to help you with presenting critical information to attendees.

Connect with Your Local Media

Telling your own personal story can be effective in raising awareness. Call the national office for help with media contact.

For more help with raising awareness, contact the national office at (617) 277-4463.