Supporting Healthy Siblings

Supporting Healthy Siblings of Individuals With a Rare Disease

When a child has a rare disease, it affects the whole family. Siblings have deep feelings, big questions, and serious concerns. They often feel different and isolated from their friends who just don’t understand.

Our support extends to all members of the family and our Family Services Team can provide help for healthy siblings as they cope with their unique experience.

Camp Sunshine

Camp Sunshine is for healthy siblings between 0–9 years. Play games, do arts and crafts, and connect with other siblings who understand.

Youth Group

Youth Group is for healthy siblings between 10–18 years. Take field trips, attend info sessions, and meet other siblings who get it.

Sibling Support Group

Join the private sibling support group on Facebook.

Gottlieb Sibling Scholarships

Apply for a scholarship for healthy siblings in college.

Sibling Guide

Get answers to common sibling questions in this booklet.

We’re Here for You Too

Our Family Services Team supports all family members. You’re welcome to email Diana and Becky for support at any time. We’ll answer your questions and send information and resources. We can even provide introductions to sibling mentors who understand what siblings are going through.

Diana Jussila
Director of Family Services
Email Diana at

Becky Benson
Family Services Manager
Email Becky at

Courageous Parents Network

The Courageous Parents Network (CPN) has lots of resources to support siblings, including videos where healthy siblings share their unique experiences.