Emma’s Fund for Families

Creating memories for families in honor of Emma

When we look back on our time with Emma we don’t focus on the medical equipment, the seizures, the medications, or the feedings. We remember all the memories we made with her.

We were determined to give Emma as normal of a life as possible and tried to do as much with her as we could. From trips to the zoo, baseball games, days at the beach, apple picking, going to the top of the Empire State Building, and having tea at the Plaza with Eloise, we have so many things to choose from and numerous pictures to remind us of the good moments.

Emma’s Fund for Families is established to enable families to have memory making opportunities in honor of Emma. The purpose of the fund is to allow affected families to apply for grants to use towards enrichment activities. It can be used any way a family feels would be beneficial for creating their memories, such as trips to the zoo, photo shoots, tickets to an event, an overnight in a hotel with a pool, etc.

Anything that your family feels would provide a break from the routine and some fun times with your child is eligible. We hope all families have the opportunity to make amazing memories.

To apply for grant, please download and fill out the application form below.

Ways to Give

Credit Card

Click below to make a gift with your credit card.


Click below to make a gift through PayPal.

Mail or Phone

(617) 277-4463

Checks payable to NTSAD.

Mailing Address:
2001 Beacon Street
Suite 204
Boston, MA 02135.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support!

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